Parts repair

We carry out different versions of the Lanz hot bulb, half and full diesel tractors and the various parts that belong to these models. This can involve complete restorations and repairs to tractors of partial repairs. We carry out these restorations and repairs in our workshop. Below you can see a number of actions that we perform during the restoration of tractors and parts.

pomp instellen
On the picture above you can see how the injection moment is adjusted.

We can repair and adjust your oil pumps for the Lanz half and full diesel, ready within 14 days.

Do you have an atomizer that needs to be mounted or adjusted? We do this for you and do not take much time. Ready while you wait!

On this photo you see regulators that we have checked and possibly repaired. Are you interested in one or more of these parts? Then you can also buy these separately from us.

revisie drijfstang
Above you see a picture of repaired connecting rods and crankshafts. If you need one or more parts, you can also order these separately from us.

revisie naaf
We can also check your front axles for you and repair them if necessary. If you need separate parts, you can always contact us.

We can also sound your brake lining for you. Your old brake shoes will first be washed. The old brake lining is then removed and the brake shoes are then blasted and sprayed in an anti-rust primer. As a final step, the linings are riveted on the brake shoes.